Beghina Tavolo

Giulia e Guido Guarnieri - 2011

Designed by two young Milanese brothers, Giulia and Guido Guarnieri, Beghina evokes beautiful memories now forgotten.
The brass versions have a more classic connotation, while the chrome finishings can be juxtaposed to a more contemporary or even minimal decor.


Brass, Aluminum


Table lamp


1xLED max 5W E14-220V / E12-110V


Class II / IP20

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It’s certainly a keen project intuition to convert a table or a bedside table lamp, that awakens the old pleasure of a candle holder to bring to the sleeping room, into a floor lamp only extending its structure, or into a one or two-armed wall lamp and even into a two level hanging lamp.
The design of these lamps changes endlessly, as the relationship of these objects with the house keeps changing. The welded brass tubes combine to the aluminum lampshade to form intersections, webs, constellations. The illusory simplicity turns into a mighty design. Living together is not always successful, but the design here is as agreeable as a well set table. There are no secret, or maybe, they are only hidden below the lampshade.