Netta Sospensione

Antonia Astori - 2017

The modularity and proportionality of the forms are at the base of the delicate work of Antonia Astori. Her project was born by subtraction, by eliminating the unnecessary. Here's how a refined and timeless object comes to life. The Netta series allows you to create unusual and appealing light configurations, to make the room elegant and contemporary.
The only limit is imagination.


Iron, Brass, Glass


Ceiling lamp


1xLED max 8W E27-220V / E26-110V


Class I / IP20

2D/3D Files


You enter the courtyard where Antonia Astori has her studio, you walk slowly on the cobblestones, watching every time the stone well, you open the door and smell the history, then she takes your coat and sits with you to the design table.
With her long fingers similar to those of a 15th-century lady caressing a stoat, she picks up a glossy translucent sheet on which she designed a pattern that looks like a work by Mondrian. She puts it on the door of a system in the wall where she had drawn,... always with a pencil, the last object that she designed, in order to realize which are the encumbrance of the glass globe, the thickness of the plate that contains it and especially the height, or the three heights, of this element that is repeated, that proliferates like it always happened with her bookcases, her backstage, her canopies, her glass bricks and her blue columns. The lamp is as thin as its developer, almost like an expression of the intense professional and emotional relationship between developer, company and designer; that’s a quality that belongs to the Milanese culture of the project. The lamp basis can be overcome in order to make one space flow into another. There is a tiny but very important flicker of colour exactly where she wants to direct your eyes: it’s clearly visible when the colour is red, but also when it’s grey ton sur ton, where slightly different tones are due to different finishes. And now we are almost breathless, immersed as we are in an exact, fabulous, enigmatic and complex universe, where you can make a metamorphosis and duplicate life.