Wallie Tavolo

Lorenza Bozzoli - 2015

Lorenza Bozzoli's work doesn't stop at the design, and the Wallie series is a clear example of this.
It's design that becomes Art. It's fashion that becomes style. The wise use of brass and wavy plates has allowed the creation of a series of lamps unique in its kind.
They surely illuminate, but this is secondary; their main characteristic is the emotion they emanate. It almost seems that they vibrate, bringing life to themselves and to their surroundings.


Marble, Brass, Steel


Table lamp


2xLED max 4W G9 110-220V


Class II / IP20

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With the strength of the optimism of ’50s design and a solid industrial certainty, Wallie explodes like a firework and it comes in a range of variations.
The chandelier, the table lamps, the appliques and the floor lamp explore and define the various functions of use. They are sophisticated extensions that are formally similar and they proudly maintain their identity. They are space probes and satellites, astrolabes of a contemporary chamber of wonders, plastic complexes where one can recognize a cultural landscape that is nourished by many sources, from the Avant-Gardes to Postmodernism, passing with agility and irony from the teaching of Gio Ponti and the Bauhaus to the essentiality of the Far East is as agreeable as a well set table. There are no secret, or maybe, they are only hidden below the lampshade.